Building the Faith of Police officers with Admirable Collectibles

The police and military personnel live by faith and a strong commitment to the core values that hold the units together. Even though we may at times think they have little faith or belief in heavenly matters, they are often executing the duties bestowed to them by our laws. As such it is only logical and wise to keep encouraging them and putting hope in their souls. You must know that police face the same challenges­­ as everyone else‑or even worse. And how do you build the faith of an officer of the law? We have listed four police collectibles that you may use to encourage, and raise the spirits of police officers and the military.

  1. Pray for police thin blue line bracelet

The best thing about this bracelet is that it can either be worn by officers of the law or people who care about their welfare. This is to means that every willing citizen can have one. And how would that look? Well, we believe this is not a usual bracelet but is rather a reminder to everyone that the police need our support and prayers. The bracelet carries the message “Pray for police” engraved on the thin blue line with a black background. It is an excellent way to show gratitude and grow the faith of the police. Perhaps the best part is that the bracelet is available in various measurements ranging between 7.5 inches and 9 inches and will fit almost every wrist.

  1. God bless the police – Thin blue line bracelet

There is no better way to show gratitude and appreciation for the police than to pray that God bless them and their families. That is why we believe this bracelet is a nice fit for everybody that prays for themselves and others. It carries a brief yet powerful prayer that you do not have to say in words. We believe this bracelet, like the Pray for police thin blue line bracelet, is an excellent way to build the faith of officers of the law. This is possible if we can buy it for them, their families, or for ourselves. 

  1. Blessed are the peacemakers wooden sign

This wooden sign stands among the most loved police collectibles available in our store. It carried a bible verse picked from Mathew 5:9 that says Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God. And while each one of us should endeavor to live in peace with everyone, sometimes it takes the intervention of the police to restore peace in the community. Therefore, by buying this wooden sign for yourself or for a police friend you are preaching the gospel of peace while at the same time appreciating the good actions of the officers of the law. The maximum measurements of the sign are 22.5 inches by 21 inches making it only suitable for wall mounting.

  1. Thin Blue line word flag decal

Like we mentioned in the beginning, police officers are held together by various virtues and core values. These include compassion, valor, respect, integrity, commitment, and faith. To appreciate the work done by law enforcement, we have put together these core values and engraved them in a beautiful thin blue line flag. Even better, you can choose between the round thin blue line word flag decal and the traditional rectangle one. However, except for the shape, there is not much difference between the two. The decals can be used for a vehicle or you could put them up in your house.

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