Challenge Coins in Religion & Faith-Based Organizations

The world has changed significantly over the years and our faiths and religions are in no way being left behind. In recent years, there has been a decline in the number of statues erected by faith-based organizations worldwide. One of the possible reasons that may have caused the fall is the realization that faith is personal. The outcome is that more people embrace the use of small personal items and artifacts that bond them to their faith. Challenge coins have mainly been widely adopted in faith and religious organizations across the globe.

In religion and faith, challenge coins carry the same significance as in the military and first responder communities. However, they are bound to be issued for different reasons and have an entirely new meaning. In all situations, challenge coins are a sign of unity and belonging, and this aspect remains true for religious challenge coins too. However, the use cases of challenge coins are different from those of traditional challenge coins since spirituality cannot be mixed with earthly doings. For instance, a custom prayer coin may not be used to initiate a coin check at the local joint, which would amount to disrespect for the involved faith.

How does a challenge coin fit in religion?

Some popular faiths conduct routine prayers every day or at least during a specified period in the religious calendar. For example, the catholic faith uses a beaded rosary to assist believers in conducting the different types of prayer in and out of the church. Recently, the rosary has been complemented with beaded finger rings, and there is a possibility that a beaded challenge coin will take the center space for a similar use case.

One advantage of a prayer challenge coin is that it can be attached to your car keys or necklace and thus remain close to you for the better part of the time. Additionally, coins can carry religious inscriptions on them. A custom religious challenge coin may also be taken as a reminder for prayer times.

Charitable, faith-based organizations can also use custom challenge coins to recognize non-members who generously support their cause. Religious challenge coins issued by faith-based organizations are a source of inspiration, comfort, and pride. Challenge coins can be used during awareness campaigns, religious functions, fundraisers, and community support programs.

Who needs a custom religious challenge coin?

Anybody. Yes, there is no limit as to who can have a religious challenge coin. Notable is that religious challenge coins are issued under different rules from those regulating the use of traditional military challenge coins. If you profess a particular faith, then we would say you qualify to be awarded a challenge coin by your chaplain or imam. However, religious challenge coins have not traversed the world to the extent that each believer can get one. Top religious leaders and leaders of the chaplain corps may already have custom challenge coins that they may issue to believers in different occasions.


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