Choosing Your Custom Challenge Coins Supplier

We can all agree that challenge coins are increasingly becoming useful in many Americans' lives regardless of occupation and age. From the military where they have a strong history of encouraging brotherhood and team spirit and now into the healthcare industry for the recognition of the COVID-19 front line warriors. It is evident that these pieces of art are not leaving us any time soon. However, with the industry's infiltration by many sellers in recent years, it is okay to remain vigilant. So, how are you supposed to distinguish between the many sellers without having to try each one? Read ahead to find out.

First, and perhaps the most important point is to consider your design–if you already have one. The design of your challenge coin determines the complexity of the manufacturing process. If the design is not ready, you can reach out to us to help you get it right. Otherwise, you should present your design idea so that the supplier assess its viability. Talking about the design, it is not limited to the shape, but rather, it covers everything from the type of metal used, the finishing, and the paints used on the coin. The shape and size are also important factors to consider. While many manufacturers can make a challenge coin in any shape and apply a variety of colors, others may limit you to a particular design.

The second consideration you should make is on the price that you pay to get the challenge coins ready. The price is important because you are probably working with a limited budget. While talking about the price, we would like to clarify that the price does not always imply the quality you get. This is unlike how many manufacturers would like you to believe. Many factors are influencing the cost of challenge coins, and design is key among them. A complex design may have a higher cost, while a basic design may go for less. Regardless of the design, however, it should be possible to reach an agreement with your challenge coin supplier. Most importantly, your supplier should be willing to listen and understand your position.

Last but not least, you must consider the ordering process and availability of customer support. A good custom challenge coin supplier must have an easy ordering process either through a website or a phone call. In this day and age, every good supplier must have a website that speaks for what they do. The ordering process and the quality of customer support services can act as a light for assessing the reputation of the supplier. However, these are not enough indicators, and you should always dig deeper into the web and see what other buyers are saying.

Bonus tip: Never choose your challenge coin supplier in a hurry. Whenever possible, evaluate several suppliers before committing to a contract.


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