Custom police collectibles to buy in 2020

Police collectibles have a special place in the hearts of many people. Whether you are a member of a police unit, have a relative in the police or military or you are just a grateful civilian, custom collectibles are excellent utilities to buy and hold on to. We are excited to tell you that Police Brand has amazing police collectibles you should consider buying for yourself or as a gift for a friend. So, what are they?

  1. Back the Blue Warrior of Peace challenge coin

This is a unique challenge coin that you will not find anywhere else. The front face of the coin consists of a 3D image of a knight and the words back the blue warrior of peace surrounding him. The coin can be used to promote peace among people as well as for appreciating the sac rife the police and military personnel make to keep us safe. On the rear, the coin displays the thin blue line flag carrying the core values holding our security units together. The coin measures 3 inches x 5 mm (diameter x thickness). This coin will perhaps be the best way to show appreciation for uniformed first responders in 2020 and beyond.

  1. Don’t Tread on me Police Coin

The Gadsden flag and insignias depicted in it are symbolic of struggles that many Americans go through each day. The meaning and symbolism of the flag can be traced back to the revolution ally war that brought liberty to the nation. Therefore, buying the Don't Tread on Me police coin is an excellent way to appreciate veteran soldiers as well as servicemen and women of this great country. The coin depicts the same symbols like those on the Gadsden flag but now with a 3D touch. It is equal in size to the Back the Blue warrior of peace police coin discussed above.

  1. Police K9 Unit Coin

The K9 unit is one of the most reputable yet easily forgotten departments in police history. Officers and canines serving in this unit rarely get the appreciation they deserve, but with the K9 police unit coin things can be different. The K9 coin is the best way to pay homage to canines and officers in this disti8nguished unit. The coin measures 3 inches in diameter and 4 millimeters thickness. It features a canine dressed in a police uniform and a thin blue line background.

  1. The Inner Warrior Police Coin

The honor-bound inner warrior police coin is a special collectible designed to help people show appreciation for the police and encourage them to remain steadfast in their duties. The coin depicts the reflection of an officer in a mirror, and it is bigger than the officer's physical self. The backside of the coins shows a 3D engraving of the inner warrior. Although it is bigger than the traditional challenge coin, we still consider this item as one of the best police collectibles we have in our store.

  1. Thin Blue Line Skull Flag

The thin blue line flag is generally used to show support for law enforcement. The case is no different from the thin blue line skull flag even though it looks different. It is a one-sided flag where only the skull image is painted with the American flag. It measures 3 x 5 foot with the larger part being a background. Every law enforcement officer will appreciate receiving this flag as a gift and sign of appreciation.


You may view and buy these police collectibles from our store. Besides these, there are more items listed for sale on the store. Visit our store to discover more amazing items now.