Different Types of Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

The use of law enforcement challenge coins in various law enforcement departments is a well-respected tradition. Since the last few decades, this use has become a tool to bind these departments with the public in a positive light. Challenge coins are exclusive medallions issued to pay tribute to the excellent services of law enforcement officers. These police coins are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, metals, and other specifications according to the purpose of their usage.

The challenge coins have unit insignia or emblem engraved into it representing the unit or department law enforcement officers are serving in or associated with. Law enforcement officers feel honored to carry these medallions since it is a great honor to receive these exclusive challenge coins.

It is essential to know about our great law enforcement officers' primary responsibilities so that we can better support them. Let's look at various law enforcement officers, their roles, and the honorary challenge coins associated with them.

Challenge Coins for County Sheriffs

First of all, it is essential to know about the duties of a county sheriff's deputy. County sheriffs are elected representatives of the county, and they have jurisdiction to fulfill a lot of law enforcement related responsibilities. Some of the essential duties that the sheriff is responsible for carrying out include enforcing the Chief Civil Law, criminal laws, court orders, and decrees, traffic laws, property laws, and providing legal documents when needed. County jail arrangements are also part of the sheriff's responsibilities. Undoubtedly, maintaining peace while fulfilling all these responsibilities is a daunting task. It is now our moral duty as responsible citizens to respond effectively to the efforts and hard work of our brave sheriffs. The best and easiest way to express the support to these courageous men and women is to say 'Thank You' with a beautiful keepsake. Challenge coins make a perfect keepsake. These coins are used by law enforcement departments to appreciate the county sheriffs who protect citizens from danger. Various types of challenge coins in many shapes and sizes are available to honor Sheriff's status and dignity according to rank and position. Sheriffs and their supporters also collect these challenge coins with great interest and place them in their collections.

Police Challenge Coins

The duties of uniformed and non-uniformed police officers consist of significant risks and dangers. Police officers conduct routine patrols inside the city and on highways to ensure law and order. Police are also responsible for controlling and containing illegal activities, such as drug abuse. To manage these activities, police cracks down on criminal elements. As public servants, the police force takes immediate action to help people in worse conditions. They immediately investigate and control dangerous situations and threats to ensure the safety of the local communities. These brave heroes in blue face dangers to prevent crimes. They provide immediate medical assistance to accident victims. There is a long list of good deeds that police officers do daily. According to police departments, many different types of challenge coins are used in the police force to commemorate the officers in blue. These challenge coins may include inspirational coins, commemorative coins, collectibles, and identity coins. Not only do police challenge coins represent the officers' pride in serving in law enforcement, but they also express respect for the officers. Exchanging and collecting police challenge coins in return for law enforcement's invaluable services is an excellent way to show your respect and support. For decades it has been a beautiful tradition between police officers and their supporter's community.

State Police Troopers Challenge Coins

State troopers, also known as state police officers, are individual police officers who have more authority across the state than the local police force. They have jurisdiction over law enforcement activities and criminal investigations across the state. The responsibilities of state troopers are more extensive than the duties of county sheriffs. The state troopers' responsibilities include ensuring the governor's safety, regulating the traffic laws on the state highways and interstate highways, and providing technical and scientific training to small local police force academies. State police troopers face challenges in maintaining law and order. A lot of troopers have sacrificed their lives to control the unrest protecting the citizens. For that reason, state police challenge coins are widely used by state police officers and supporters to appreciate troopers' services.

Special Unit Challenge Coin

Most people do not know how many special police units there are to protect local communities in different ways and what services they provide. The K-9 Special Unit consists of highly trained canines and handling officer. Its highly trained canines help find fugitive criminals, missing persons, drugs, explosives, and chemicals. Another particular unit of the police is the Cyber Crime Unit. It provides protection and prevention against destructive elements related to computers or other digital components. The Police Aviation Unit is a particular unit for assistance by helicopters. When ground communications become impossible, this aviation unit becomes active. Harbor or marine patrol unit is a specific unit of the police. It is committed to enforcing the law on the seas, rivers, lakes, and other water bodies. Similarly, SWAT Special Unit, Animal Controlling Unit, and various other units also are serving the local communities to make them safer. All these special police units have their own separate honorary challenge coins issued in honor of the officers who have rendered excellent services.

Law enforcement Challenge Coins

Police Brand has a wide assortment of law enforcement challenge coins. Our Guardian mindset and Protect & Serve series are designed to commemorate state troopers who ensure public safety. The Bear State Trooper challenge that is part of our Guardian mindset series is decorated with an image of an angry bear that visually represents the guardian mindset that a state trooper has when protecting the public. The Guardian mindset series represent the guardian mindset that state troopers have when dealing with danger to protect the citizens. If you want to see our collections, click here.