Fuck Around and Find Out Flag What Does it Mean?

The Fuck Around and Find Out phrase has been seen on a lot of merchandise lately, but what does it mean? The phrase its self means if you push someone too far or fuck with them too much, there will be negative consequences to your actions. Those consequences will result in the person being fucked with to do what is necessary to strike back and stand up for themselves.


What does the Fuck Around and Find Out Red Alligator Symbol Mean?

The symbol originated as a meme and consisted of an alligator on a red flag with the phrase "Fuck Around and Find Out" on the bottom of the flag. It has quickly gained popularity and has been seen on flags, stickers, banners, and more. The alligator symbol was probably chosen due to the personality of an alligator being known to be aggressive. Alligators will quickly attack and or defend themselves when provoked.

The red flag was more than likely chosen due to a couple of reasons. The first being that the red flag is literally known to be a warning of danger. In context with the rest of the flag, this could be taken as a clear warning that if you fuck with the person displaying the symbol, you are in danger of them fucking with you back. The second reason could be linked to the red flag flying in the french revolution, where it meant the people flying it would fight for their beliefs. This, when viewed together with the alligator and the phrase "Fuck Around and Find Out," would mean a person will not back down from their beliefs and will fight back when pushed. So, in the end, the symbol its self can represent different things to different people. It has been adopted by both the left and right, but we can agree that people flying this flag stand strong in their beliefs, and will not easily back down.


Where can I buy a Fuck Around and Find Out Flag?



The image shown is of the actual FAFO Wolf Flag. We do not touch up our images.  The flag is of high quality and clearly shows a wolf with the FAFO saying, with the words "fuck around and find out" under it. The flag is a one-sided, 3x5 foot polyester flag. We also sell this as a 5-inch reflective vehicle decal and 5-inch vehicle magnet. It will soon be offered on other products as well. Input the phrase "Fuck Around" in our search bar to find all products we offer.

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Where can I buy a Fuck Around and Find Out Tumbler?




You can buy a Fuck Around Find Out-FAFO-Wolf 20oz Tumbler by clicking here https://policebrand.net/collections/military-dishware/products/fuck-around-and-find-out-tumbler-wolf-fafo