Getting Creative With Challenge Coin Shapes

Over time, challenge coins have been designed in a round shape, making people develop a norm that they should have a rounded shape. That being the case, people think that challenge coins should typically have a simple round design. However, customized challenge coins are designed with several shapes to suit the needs of the customer. Here are some of the reasons you should consider getting innovative when creating challenge coin shapes:

First of all, it is not a compulsory requirement that challenge coins should be designed in a round shape. The case is so because the use of challenge coins has significantly diversified in recent times. Companies have begun using challenge coins for different purposes in the organization, including but not limited to employee recognition and serving as the company's business card. To make such coins unique from standard challenge coins, they need to be designed in a different way and shape to accommodate the necessary details to serve their purpose perfectly.

Getting creative with challenge coin shapes is one way of elevating the challenge coin and making it unique from others. Since most of the challenge coins are round in shape, designing yours with a different form makes it unique and exciting to the recipient. Unique shapes enable your challenge coin to outshine others because it creates the 'look and feel' effect. As a result, it creates a stronger and special feeling to the recipient.

Currently, the world is evolving, and everything is changing. Creativity and innovation are some of the factors contributing to these changes in the modern world. That being the case, challenge coins should not be left behind in the process. Over a long time, challenge coins have been in use, and it is time to embrace creativity designing them to match the changes in the modern world. Embracing new shapes when creating challenge coins is one way that promotes creativity in challenge coin designs.

In recent times, challenge coins are being designed to include crucial business information, which is key to promoting brand awareness. Challenge coins can be shaped to match a company’s logo. Such challenge coins can be useful in popularizing that company brand as customers will be interested in receiving services and products from such brands. It can also invite top talent employees because they are interested in working with companies that embrace creativity. Also, several military departments are designing custom challenge coins to match their logos, and therefore it is almost impossible to stick to the typical round shape.

Challenge coins have been modified to serve multiple purposes other than just normal use. For instance, they are being designed to perform tasks usually done by specific equipment such as screwdrivers. That being the case, such multi-tool coins cannot stick to the standard round shape. As a result, they have to be modified to serve the other purpose perfectly.

In conclusion, getting creative with challenge coin shapes is critical to enhancing better customer satisfaction. The case is so because the coin can be shaped in a perfect way that suits the customer's needscustomer's needs since the designer is no longer concerned about the shape, but instead, he or she is concerned with the 'perfect' shape. You can check out some of the latest challenge coins designs and several collectibles in our store by clicking here.