Record setter challenge coin

Have you ever asked yourself what it takes to break a record? Perhaps you have because everyone has the goal of becoming the best in what they do. However, not everyone can break such records. Imagine a human being running a marathon of more than 40 kilometers in less than two hours or someone freefalling at a speed of 286mph. Would you imagine such records? Well, the two records have been set not so long ago. Attaining such unimaginable milestones requires a little more practice and commitment. Such efforts are worth recognizing because they show as human beings, we have unlimited capabilities.

Record breakers and setters often commit a lot of time preparing and practicing for the event. They are driven by passion and set their eyes on the target goals. That being the case, they can focus beyond the normality. Breaking a record or setting it is not something that one wakes up and does overnight. It requires significant commitment and self-denial for the sake of the record. Therefore, such efforts are worth recognizing, and custom challenge coins are one of the best ways that sponsors can express their delight, respect, and recognition for such people.  The case is so because unlike other forms of gifts, challenge coins do last, and so are the records they make.

Record breakers are persistent and determined towards achieving their targets. Success does not come easy because it requires the person pursuing it to endure challenges and be determined to achieve the goal. Some of the challenges include failure, which maybe once, twice, or even several times. However, record-breakers do not take failure negatively, and instead, they stay motivated and try again until they meet their target. Such efforts commitment and persistence are worth recognizing because most have been attempting without succeeding, and awarding them with customized challenge coins is an excellent way of appreciating their efforts.

Some of the records set by people are life-endangering. Some record setters and record breakers endanger their lives to secure victory or set such records. This is not only a selfless act but also a sense of unimaginable determination towards setting such records. That being the case, it shows that records are not easy to break. As a result, they require the record-setter or breaker to make selfless sacrifices to achieve that particular record. Such sacrifices are worth recognition and awarding them with challenge coins is a great way of making them feel valued and appreciated for their incomparable efforts.

Records are earned not given. It takes a lot of unimaginable efforts and hard work for one to set or break a record. Record-setters or record-breakers deserve an award for attaining milestones that other people have failed to achieve. Challenge coins can be an ideal way of celebrating their achievements and motivating them and other people to keep on pushing for higher records.

In conclusion, record setters and breakers are perceived as superheroes for achieving records that no other humans have met before. Therefore, efforts should not go unrecognized because they act as motivators and keep reminding us of what we are capable of doing. Challenge coins can be an excellent way of recognizing such selfless efforts. You can check our collection of challenge coins together with other collectibles available at our store by clicking here.