Indiana State Police

The Indiana State Police is the primary law enforcement agency of the state of Indiana, United States of America. The Indiana State Police is considered to be an important police department in the United States of America because Indiana is the 12th state of the USA to provide a dedicated law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction statewide. 

The Indiana State Police was formed in 1933. The idea for a statewide police force was conceived after the main legislative body of Indiana decided to appoint many required higher deputies to the already existing officers in duty to create a new law enforcement agency to enact all the new transportation laws. Now, you can help the officers promote good traffic regulations by displaying a State Trooper Bear Challenge Coin and the State Trooper Bulldog Challenge Coin. At that time, a team of 16 police officers were set up as the Indiana Motor Vehicle Police, which was the very first law enforcement agency in the state of Indiana to have jurisdiction and control over all traffic laws all over the state. However, this division did not have much power and was only there to oversee traffic regulations being met by the citizens of Indiana, along with investigating traffic violations. 

Indiana State Police Dodge Charger | Nick N | Flickr

In 1927, Indiana saw the formation of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification, which was also under the power and control of the secretary of the State. Soon, in 1933, these two divisions were merged when the need to pursue investigations into criminal activities that required the help of both these divisions became quite frequent, leading to the formation of the Indiana State Police we now know of. However, on initial standings, the police force consisted mostly of untrained and ill-equipped police officers. After the set up of the police academy in 1935, things began to change and soon, a powerful law enforcement agency was created to uphold peace and harmony in the state of Indiana and maintain law and order. You can also help them do the same by wearing the Back the Blue - Peace Love Shirt and promote peace and love among all other individuals and make the world a better place to live. It soon evolved to become the first statewide law enforcement agency to make use of the now necessary breathalyzer that measured how much a driver was drunk. 

The main motto of the Indiana State Police is Integrity, Service, and Professionalism. You can also show support to the Indiana State Police by having a badge displaying a Wooden Thin Blue Line Flag to show support to the police officers. Currently, it has more than 1900 employees. When the active police force is concerned, it has a total strength of more than 1300 active police officers on patrol, along with more than 600 civilians backing the police officers up whenever they need any form of guidance or assistance regarding any investigations. The organization is also divided up into many special divisions, like the Financial management division, Support services, Investigations Department, and the Law enforcement department.