Make Customers Experience Your Brand Using Challenge Coins

Retail business has really changed over the years. We have seen big companies shifting to online retail while others run online and physical stores side by side. As with other aspects of life, nothing is perfect, and turning to conduct business online comes with challenges. However, the benefits of online trade will sometimes outdo the drawbacks, and the best you can do is find means to cope up. Is an online shopping experience different from one where customers visit a physical store? While online shopping is hailed for convenience, it deprives shoppers of the physical connection with your store. In this article, we explore how you can make connections and give customers memorable shopping experience.

There are two sides to shopping that every online seller must consider. One side of it has to do with the shopping experience you give your clients. You probably know that having an excellent website and running various promotions is not the peak of the mountain. But what else do you need to do to remain connected to your customer? A challenge coin may probably not come to your mind, but let’s talk about it.

We have extensively written about challenge coins in other articles and there is no point repeating the history of challenge coins or how challenge coins can be used in an organization. That aside, you need to look at a custom challenge coin as a special gift to your loyal customers. And who are loyal customers, or how do you filter them from the rest? Interestingly, about 75% of businesses have the wrong definition of a loyal customer. Come to think of it. Why would you gift one customer and not the other? The value of their shopping? You will be surprised to know that Police Brand treats all customers equally since we believe that a loyal customer is s/he who has bought at least one item from our store, which separates us from the crowd.

As a physical gift that will not get used up or depleted, a challenge coin can remind your customers of your store whenever they need to buy anything related to your industry. This way, they will likely visit your store before looking anywhere else. Think about multipurpose challenge coins that can be of general help to the customer besides reminding them of your brand. This takes the customer's connection with your store from the computer screen and keyboard at their desk and to their life. A perfectly designed custom business challenge coin should fit in every customer's experience and still communicate your ideologies as a business. For this reason, you need to evaluate the design and any details embedded on the coin. If the intent is to give your customer a sort of experience with your store, how about you deliver the challenge coin along with the ordered products? Would you consider edging the name of the customer on your branded challenge coin? The suggestions here are endless, but we know business leaders, including you, are creative.

Nothing can replace the real shopping experience, but we can all make online shopping worthwhile through such little things as giving custom challenge coins to shoppers. At Police Brand, we are committed to providing you the best shopping experience. Please visit our online store to check the available challenge coins and other police collectibles.