Are you or someone close to you is associated with the Missouri State Highway? If yes, then the MO Bear State Trooper Challenge Coin is the perfect keepsake. You can use this bear challenge coin to show respect and gratitude to your close ones working in law enforcement. The custom of giving and receiving challenge coins is old and widespread. The tradition is to show appreciation and respect to the state troopers and police officers who put their lives in danger to protect others.

The MO Bear State Trooper Challenge Coin is reasonably priced and light-in-weight. This law enforcement coin comes into two choices: silver antique and bronze. This coin measures 2.5 inches in height and 4mm in thickness. The high-quality police coin is a piece of art with a durable finish. The coin’s colors are long-lasting enamel colors that will stay bright for years to come. The coin comes with a clear PVC pouch to protect your valuable investment as this challenge coin protects your loved ones in law enforcement.

The MO Bear State Trooper Challenge Coin is part of the guardian police coin series that we have created to serve in honor of the gallant men and women who serve the citizens of Missouri state.

Missouri State Highway Patrol was established to protect the citizens of Missouri. The highway patrol agency that serves Missouri with the motto “Together Protecting Missouri’s Citizens.” It holds jurisdiction state-wide in Missouri.

MO Bear State Troopers challenge coin is created for the Missouri State Troopers, Missouri Police Officers, Missouri Sheriff’s Deputy, and other law enforcement personnel who are serving or have served the citizens of Missouri. This law enforcement coin is crafted to show gratitude for the valuable services offered by law enforcement personnel.

The unique thing about this police challenge coin is that it is designed to pay tribute to the Guardian mindset that the Missouri State Troopers show when they are protecting the citizens in a dangerous situation. The Bear symbolizes energy, determination, peace, courage, and majesty. The police challenge coin has been designed by keeping the courage and strength of the Missouri state troopers in mind. The warrior spirit of the Bear that provides courage to the state troopers to fight for the protection of the general public makes this collectible challenge coin a perfect keepsake.

Law enforcement agencies have been working diligently across the United States to ensure the citizens are protected and safe in their homes. This noble profession attracts fantastic people who want to make a difference in people’s lives positively. If you have a family member or a friend who is in law enforcement and likes to collect challenge coins, grab the MO Bear State Troopers challenge coin for your loved one to show how much you appreciate their service and how much you admire him or her.

The police coins make a perfect collectible item for law enforcement personnel. The MO Bear State Trooper Challenge coin is a well-made collectible that a police officer will be proud to carry.

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