Any time can be useful for assigning an employee a challenge coin. However, it one to choose the perfect moment to award the challenge coin even makes them feel more special and recognized. Recognizing employees for a well-done job is crucial in boosting their morale and work rate as well. A challenge coin can be a great way of understanding employee efforts, team solidarity, and hard work. The case is so because it showcases the employer's creativity level, which is vital in connecting employees.

Here are some of the right moments that one should consider when thinking about awarding a challenge coin:


When building a team

Building a cohesive team can be quite hard. However, employees can build a strong team when feeling as if they have something in common.  In team building, uniting employees under a common goal is key to success. Awarding the employees uniform customized challenge coins make them feel like part of the team, and it is crucial in uniting them. Even when faced with challenges, they can work together towards overcoming them, which boosts teamwork and also tea solidarity.


After project completion

Businesses and organizations are, in most cases working on projects, whether small or large. However, not all projects end up succeeding because of the challenges involved in the process of implementation. Therefore, awarding employees with challenge coins a great way of celebrating the successful completion of projects. Granting team members who worked on the project with challenge coins is an excellent way of showing appreciation and expressing gratitude for the employee's effort, commitment, and time. As a result, employees stay motivated and cannot wait for the next project.


During performance review

During a performance review, employers provide direct feedback to the employees. It is worth recognizing consistently performing or improving employees. Awarding a challenge coin to those employees makes them feel valued as part of the organization, which is, in turn, helpful in employee retention. Furthermore, it motivates other employees to work harder to earn one, thereby creating a motivating working environment.


When recognizing employees for long service

Awards based on tenure is a common thing at the workplace. However, awarding an employee with a challenge coin in recognition for their service to the organization is a different and unique way of celebrating them. Since challenge coins are tangible and durable, they symbolize appreciation for their service and loyalty to the organization.


During employee promotion

Promotion day is an essential day in the career of an employee. Issuing the employee with a modified challenge coin is even a grand gesture of appreciating them for their efforts and achievement. The case is so because a challenge coin will act as a souvenir that will be reminding them about their career experiences. Also, it demonstrates the validity of the promotion.


In conclusion, while challenge coins are one of the best ways of celebrating achievements, it is essential to choose the perfect time to dedicate them. Ideal timing for awarding employees with challenge coins enhances their experience and also is key in motivating them. Therefore, one should consider the perfect time to dedicate them.