Police collectibles have a long history from ancient battlefields to modern police departments. They are instruments that show patriotism and love for order. While police collectibles were first used by uniformed personnel, the tradition has since changed, and some civilian enthusiasts have collected more items than a whole police department combined- not literally. At times, police collectibles are used as gifts or present issued to mark important days for police officers, for example, graduation from police school, or to honor the efforts of individual officers in enforcing law and order. Other times civilians may collect police memorabilia to show support for uniformed police.

There are different categories of police collectibles, some of which you will find in our store. The following section is a quick rundown of the types of police collectibles.police collectibles-coins

Police challenge coins

Police challenge coins have roots in the military where the culture of issuing challenge coins originated. In ancient times, a challenge coin was enough proof that one belonged to a particular army battalion. In modern times, the usefulness of police challenge coins exceeds the sense of and sign of belonging, and current police departments issue coins to recognize and encourage discipline among members. Private citizens can also receive or buy custom police challenge coins.

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Thin blue line flag

This is a unique American flag in two separate designs but the same meaning. The first features a black flag with a thin blue line cutting across horizontally through the center. The other is the usual flag but with the stripe just below the stars. In either case, the flag is used to show support for law enforcement agencies, including the military. Read more about the thin blue line in this article.


Police badge and dog tags

Custom police badge, police dog tags, and similar stickers are among the most popular police collectibles. The police badges in this category are different from conventional ones and cannot land you into trouble. Additionally, even though you can publicly display your collection of police collectibles, it should only be for the right reasons.


Police call box

This is a representation of the traditional call box used by law enforcement agencies. Police call boxes will usually have the name of the police department engraved on it, among other identifying features. A traditional police call box is an excellent memorabilia gift for veteran soldiers and other retired members of first-responder communities.

Cloth items

In recent years, cloth items designed with police-related labels have found their way to police collectible shelves. The most popular cloth items include thin blue line T-shirts, shorts, bandanas, and caps. You will also find caps and hats labeled with police badges from different departments and states.


The warrior rack

The warrior rack is a combination of individual police collectible items. It may contain different things, depending on the prospective buyers/owners. You can also order for a custom rack packed with police collectibles of your choosing. Popular items sold as part of the rack include a sample police bulletproof vest, a police badge, a dog tag, and a baton.


These are just a few examples of items that fall under police collectibles. You can find and buy some of these items from our official store.