Challenge coins have a long-standing history with the life of military personnel. They are renowned for forming a special and a staple part of military life. Over recent years, challenge coin manufacturers have been offering a wide range of appealing coin options that are highly customizable and can be personalized further to give the user a better experience.

military challenge coins

The concept of military challenge coins dates back to the First World War when aerial warfare began. One of the wealthiest lieutenants back then developed the first challenge coins and distributed them to his squad. One of the corps from his team was shot and captured by the military forces of Germany. However, he succeeded in escaping from the German force custody and fled to the French territory. While in the French region, he succeeded in proving his identity in front of the French army. His success in verifying his identity solidified and facilitated his return to his original unit safely.

During this period, the military challenge coins had a simple design. However, as time went by, coin suppliers came up with new designs that are highly customizable. Today, there is a wide range of army coin options that one can select from, ranging from a typical monochromatic appeal to detailed and colorful alternatives.

Several other alternatives are worth mentioning, including sequence numbering, custom shapes, cutouts, and edge designs. For one select the right custom military challenge coin option, it is essential, to begin with, the color of the metal used for designing the coin. Renowned coin suppliers offer the customers a wide range of metal color options, including copper, gold, brass, silver, copper, or even an alloy, combining two colors.

One should choose whether they want an antique-looking or just a typically polished metal coin depending on what suits their current needs. One can also request the coin manufacturer to add specific colors to their design. In doing so, it enhances the creation of a unique and highly-personalized challenge coin. Reputable coin manufacturers also provide custom shapes, and therefore one is not confined to the typical round coins.

Cutouts add a substantial style to many challenge coin designs. Combining diamond-cut challenge coin edges with other cutout options gives a bold and sharp looking result that stands out on the crowd. Furthermore, if the customer wants additional comments or message to be engraved in the coin, edge texts enable this option, thus adding another detail level of the user's chosen design. Besides, the customer can request the supplier to sequentially number the military challenge coins offered.  

Finally, if the user wants to encourage the recipient of the coin to use it frequently, they can request the manufacturer to attach it to a chain or openers. However, renowned coin suppliers advise their clients on the best options for their current needs.

Selecting the right military challenge coin option depends on the intention and needs of the user. However, no matter the coin option that the user selects, a renowned manufacturer is vital because they are responsible for designing the chosen option.