State-Shaped Challenge Coins

Though challenge coins were initially designed for use by military personnel, their purpose has been significantly diversified. In honor of their states, people design different artifacts that display the face of their states. Some of those artifacts include armbands and clothes designed with state artwork, among others. These designs are designed to promote the sense of identity while expressing the pride of belonging to that particular state. However, most of these artifacts are not long-lasting. Designing a state-shaped challenge coin displaying the map of your state is a great way to display patriotism towards your state.

There are two ways in which your state customized challenge coin can be shaped to bring out the shape of the state. One of them is cutting the coin to fit the shape of your state. In this approach, your coin will take the shape of the state map rather than the typical round shape. The second approach is embedding the shape of your state map in a round-shaped challenge coin. The challenge coin designers make your custom challenge coin based on the customer’s choice. When the state map is embedded in the middle of the challenge coin, it looks like a medallion designed coin.

There are several things that you should have in mind to get a perfect state-shaped challenge coin of your choice. Here are some of those key things to get you started:

You have to keep in mind what makes your state unique from others.

For one to get a more meaningful and personalized coin design, it is important to consider things that your state is known for. Some of those things may include the state’s culture and heritage. Including these aspects in your coin gives it its liveliness. You can also consider incorporating colors of your state’s flag to make it more unique.

You should consider the size of the coin.

For your coin to capture fine details about your state, it should be of considerable size. The case is so because small designs tend to give the challenge coin designers trouble, especially when it comes to incorporating finer details related to the intricate designs. However, it is unnecessary to make an oversize challenge coin. That being the case, it is important to ensure that your coin size is suitable enough to present all the vital artwork and shape for it to be recognizable.

Do not worry about changing up your challenge coin look.

Some states do not have a perfectly memorable shape, and as a result, it may require the designer to change some things up for them to give your coin a finer look. The changes made on your state map are aimed at spicing up your state-shaped coin with a 3D color and artwork while retaining actual map borders.

In conclusion, challenge coins can perfectly function as tools to promote state honor. People can order their home state-shaped challenge coins due to their durability and also because they are realistic. Are you interested in checking out or buying the latest collectibles and challenge coins? Click here for you to see the products available in our store.