The meaning of a challenge coin to the receiver

Challenge coins have been in circulation for as long as the army has existed. Even though there are no records to prove this, we believe the military had ways to honor performers and men returning from missions. Military challenge coins were made to honor, recognize, and appreciate military personnel. Over the years, however, the challenge coin tradition has broken out of the military, and private citizens can obtain them from outlets on the streets and various online shops. A challenge coin is associated with two people, but only the giver's intention is considered most of the time. So, what is the meaning of a challenge coin to the receiver?

Receiving a challenge coin can improve morale.

A challenge coin is a piece of art that is designed with a particular intent. Employees of a particular company may receive a challenge coin to recognize their discipline or efforts in their duties. Similarly, police officers and military men and women in various departments may receive challenge coins form their seniors in honor of their service. In such a scenario, the challenge coin receiver may feel rejuvenated. Recognition and appreciation of what people do is one way to improve their morale. As a result, the receivers will work harder with the knowledge that somebody cares and sees their efforts.

It gives a sense of belonging and pride.

Challenge coins issued to graduating military men and performers in companies and loyal customers in merchandise sales stores are more associated with pride. They give the receiver a sense of belonging, especially when given to a group at the same time. Therefore, the receivers feel they belong together as a team with a common course. When the challenge coin is selectively issued to a certain rank in the military or police, the receivers are usually proud to be the rank members. The same case applies to a scenario where a popular company gives out branded challenge coins to royal customers.  

It motivates people to do more.

Recognition of efforts and motivation is usually done using a combination of methods. Promotion, salary increment, and improved work benefits have been the traditional motivation and recognition methods for a long time. However, in recent years challenge coins have entered the scene and have proved to be a viable motivation effort. When paired with the traditional methods, a challenge coin can motivate people to do more. Take a case where a challenge coin is given to appreciate performance before salary reviews are done or approved promotions. In such a case, the coin receivers would feel motivated to do better and get to the next stage.


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