The Mystery of the MO Bear State Trooper Challenge Coin

This type of coin can be caught and stuck to the North Star to attract the bear to the surface. The game is very popular because of the souvenir on the picture, and the one who catches the bear in his hand can win the other player a large amount of money!

Choose one: the Bronze or the Antique Silver

The Missouri sheriff coin appears to have come in multiple varieties: the first one being the Bronze as well as the Antique Silver. It seems to be 2.5 ft. high but also 4MM in thickness. It's going to come in a valid PVC backpack. Just in case you might need further information, it is advisable to please view its images. The whole item will not be included inside its stand though!

Its build quality is unsurpassed. The font is attractive, without being distracting. The face is hand stamped and it has a unique serial number that's assigned by our inspector to each coin, eliminating the possibility of reverse counterfeiting. Each has its token, ranging from legal-looking and genuine, to more jocular and playful, to even hand-painted on the edge. Each side of the coin has either an example of a police photo or a logo of one of the nine boroughs of New York City.

The home security guy

The above challenge coin has always been a major component of our watchdog police coin story arc. This same coin efforts to pay tribute to the Guardian mode of thinking, its Missouri law enforcement officer, or call it the Missouri Police Officer, or perhaps Missouri police sergeant must safeguard the community from highly hazardous scenarios. Each sheriff coins included in this catalog are trying to conceptually portray these thoughts and ideas and this pondering on their own. It does not depict the attitude of that same Missouri uniformed officer throughout any activities and interactions when in the public.

The Mo Bear stand by themselves

PBMC also isn't closely associated with or represented by, a certain police department's entity or federal agency. Its models, opinions, and views demonstrated/marketed/conveyed by PBMC are exclusively enough for PBMC. They may not reinforce that of every other individual, independent policeman, government entity, or federal agency. This product is used only for legal, administrative, and internal support purposes. PBMC has no control over, nor accepts any responsibility for, the actions of third parties or government organizations that utilize this product.

Retired police officer gifts - This is a way to honor a great man who spent his life taking care of and protecting those around him. They are simple, yes it is expensive but they should be done to honor a person who put the safety of those around him before any personal gain.

Art pieces - I am not an artist myself, but I know someone who would love to have this accomplished. Make a painting of your favorite Spartan at his funeral, a memorial to the fallen troopers, a commemorative box with his battle helmet.

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