Top 4 Neck Gaiters to Buy in 2020

Neck gaiters have been around for as long as we can remember. They are particularly useful to people who train outdoors or people who often walk in the cold. These include professional athletes, professional football players and hobbyists of all kinds. However, gaiters have become more important during the Coronavirus pandemic, where many people are using them in place of face masks. However, this is not without caution since a disputed Duke research was released in early August. The research suggested that neck gaiters could increase your risk of contracting coronavirus, but many people have different views. Particularly, Dr. Michael Edmond from the University of Iowa disputed the research noting that only one type of gaiters was tested. Other types could be more protective than face masks. 

Today we present you the best neck gaiters with the trust that if you use them well, they will not increase your chance of contracting the deadly virus. Additionally, they will guard you against the morning cold and dust.

#1. Thin Red Line Cross Neck Gaiter

This is a unique neck gaiter that carries the American flag's colors and a thin red line cutting across. If you were looking for ways to appreciate the efforts and sacrifices made by firefighters across the country, then this is the perfect item to buy. But you do not need to buy it only to show appreciation since it can also serve as a perfect gift for people working in the fire department. The firefighter gaiter is made from polyester microfiber, and the best part is that one size fits everyone.

#2. The Camo gaiter

The Camo gaiter is one of the most-classy neck gaiters of its kind. It is made in camouflage colors befitting use by police, military, and other first responder communities.  The soft fabric used makes it easy for you to breathe without causing any discomfort. Many people who love this neck gaiter prefer it to others in the market because it can be worn by anyone, whether civilians or people in the thin blue line. It is also a great fit as it has no size limitations whatsoever.

#3. Don’t Tread on Me Neck Gaiter

Another classy neck gaiter you should consider buying either for yourself or a friend is the Don't tread on me neck gaiter. This one comes with a yellow color and the symbols of the Gadsden flag. It is a perfect gift item to buy for people who work for or support first responder communities.

#4. Gadsden Snake Gaiter

The Gadsden snake gaiter is a unique gaiter you will only see in a few outlets. It features the snake as used in the Gadsden flag. This gaiter is especially useful in one's love for country and support for the law enforcement units making sacrifices each day to our communities safe.


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