Top 4 Useful Ideas in Creating Perfect Challenge Coins for Your Event

Initially, challenge coins were being designed for the military to promote unity and community and display support to fellow members. However, as time went by, they have gained the popularity that businesses both profit and non-profit are designing their challenge coins for multiple purposes, including improving staff morale. Also, people are gifting challenge coins to the fellow as birthday gifts and other purposes. However, if it is your first-time award, someone, a challenge coin, it can be hard to determine the perfect challenge coin design to match the event effectively. Here are four tips you should consider:


Designing your challenge coin artwork

Coming up with your challenge coin artwork design is one of the most crucial steps to giving out a perfect challenge coin. The case is so because you are the one who knows the actual intention of the challenge coin, and therefore, you can determine the best artwork that can perfectly meet your needs.  If the challenge coins are designed for an organization, one should consider hosting an artwork competition involving employees and then letting the team vote for their favorite designs. Also, one should consider engaging the target market through several approaches, such as uploading the designs on social media and then letting the audience vote. Some other common ideas include sports teams' logos and state flags, among others.


Take into consideration the plating and also the finish.

The final look of the customized challenge coin is dependent on the selected finish and plating. It would be best if you considered selecting a perfect finish and plating that matches the theme of the event. For instance, if the challenge coin is for memorial purposes, then a black plating metal might be appropriate. Also, it would help if you decided whether to use soft or hard enamel finish depending on your needs. If you need a smooth-texture challenge coin, you should go for the hard option of the enamel finish. However, if you need a modifiable challenge coin, you should go for the soft enamel option.


Consider the edges of the challenge coin.

The edges of the challenge coin give it its beauty. Although it may look to have a small aspect, it can significantly impact the overall design of the challenge coin. When designing corporate challenge coins, giving it oblique edges gives it provides the coin with a look similar to that of a merit medal. For even more stunning looks, you should consider the diamond cross-cut edges. However, you should select the perfect tips for your coin as it gives the coin its overall feel.


Giving out the excellent challenge coin

You should ensure the perfect timing to give the challenge coin as this adds significance to the challenge coin. You should select the ideal time to award the challenge coin by designing a creative plan on how you will grant it. For instance, a commemorative custom challenge coin can be given during a memorial service of one of the team members who might have passed away while on duty.   


In conclusion, designing a perfect challenge coin that matches the theme of the event is crucial. Therefore, you should consider the listed tips to help you develop a perfectly customized challenge coin that suits your event. A perfectly designed challenge coin that matches the event's theme adds significance to the challenge coin. We also invite you to check challenge coins and other collectibles available for sale at the store.