Updating the Design of the Challenge Coin without Interfering with its Mold

Developing the custom challenge coin molds is probably the most costly phase for the buyer. This makes a challenge coin expensive to make. However, in recent times, challenge coin designers have realized the cost-related struggles that people go through to secure a new challenge coin design. As a result, they developed a new way of updating the existing design without interfering with the pre-existing mold. Here are two ways utilized by challenge coin designers to come up with new models of challenge coins without interfering with their molds:

The use of new colors on the old challenge coin

Challenge coin colors give the coin its taste and probably its impact on the recipient. One of the major reasons behind people reordering challenge coins is giving its design more life. To do so, they want it to be designed more colorfully and interestingly. Sometimes, the challenge coin plating and colors can be okay, but they can be interfering with the artwork's appearance. That being the case, the coin may need a little modification in coloring to give the coin the desired appearance and outlook.

Multiple color designs can enhance the look of the coin by giving it more life. The color designs range from hard and soft enamel to glitter and translucent enamel. With these colors, challenge coin designers can give your challenge coin a comprehensive new look that you never imagined with your old coin. That being the case, before considering to purchase a new challenge coin, you should first consider placing a reorder to change the color or metal plating to check how it appears.

A customer can also request the challenge coin designer to perform a complete swap of the color pallet when reordering their coin. In doing so, it will entirely change the coin design appearance. Therefore, you can give your old challenge coin a new appearance and edge by mixing and matching colors.

The use of a new metal plating style 

While changing the color of your challenge coin can be fun, giving it a completely new character sounds even more fun. By changing the metal plating, it seems like an absolute new coin. It is a common approach used by different members around the globe, including the 501st Legion members. It is an excellent way of adding variety on members of unit coins. That being the case, as an organization or military squad, you can have a single design, but with different metal, plating to retain the original and desired design of the coin.

One advantage of retaining your coin design while reordering for color or metal plating change is that you do not incur costs associated with mold. It is also important to remember that different metal plating styles differ in terms of prices. Therefore, you should order one that suits your budget.

In conclusion, you do not have to worry when your challenge coin does not give you the desired look, and your budget is limited to order a new one.  You can cut down the cost by simply reordering your coin to come with a new look by changing its metal plating or color without interfering with the original design. Are you looking forward to buying or checking out the latest challenge coin designs or collectibles? Click here to get the latest and updated products available in our store.