Using custom challenge coins to promote friendship

Did you know you can use challenge coins to promote friendship? Many people think that challenge coins are limited to official settings, institutions, and organizations only. However, the case is not so because, as things stand, challenge coins can be used in virtually any setting and by anyone. With their roots in the military, challenge coins are pieces of art which can be used for a long list of reasons among them, to strengthen personal friendships. And how would you use challenge coins to promote friendship? We have good news to anyone looking for how friends can use challenge coins for mutual benefit.

Years of friendship

Like in the military and corporate world, challenge coins can be used to commemorate the years you have known each other as friends. Also, many people still remember the day they met their friends. Often, people will remember dates, days of the week, and even time. These are details that would make a perfect friendship challenge coin.

Additionally, besides adding these facts to a friendship challenge coin, you can also opt to add your friend's name to the challenge coin. When used for friendship, a challenge coin communicates respect and loyalty. And why do you consider your friendship to be special? That, too, would make a good line on the challenge coin.

Best Male friend

While this may sound like a ladies-exclusive thing, it is an open ground for everyone. There is always that one male friend you would never like one to lose. The man you can tell anything without fear they will spill the beans on social media and make you look awkward. Most of the time, this will be a workmate, someone from your neighborhood, a husband, or a childhood friend with whom you are in contact. It would be a great gesture of love to give them a challenge coin in honor of what he has kept secret for you and the things he has taught you.

Best female friend

Whether you are a man or a lady, you will perhaps agree that an honest, trustworthy female friend is one of the valuable people you can have in your circle. Ladies are known to be compassionate, and if you have a down-to-earth female friend, you may want to show them what they mean with a custom challenge coin. There are various design options for a challenge coin of this nature, but a gold finish would perhaps be more appealing than anything else.

A challenge coin for a relative

There is always that one relative you like more than the rest. Whether it’s your favorite aunt, your granny, or cousin, we know they would appreciate it if you showed the love with a perfectly designed challenge coin. Relatives play important roles in our lives, and it is honorable to give a custom challenge coin reminding them you appreciate the little things they did for you.


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