As we all know, the use of challenge coins is a tradition invented by the military. In the beginning, challenge coins were basically used to reward, identify, connect, or commemorate a special occasion. But as time went on, challenge coins began to be used for different purposes. The scope of challenge coins' purposes is significantly broader. Challenge coins are generally used in our country's law enforcement agencies and the officers who serve in those agencies and their supporters to give thanks, encourage, express goodwill, commemorate achievements and success, pay tribute, or award for an officer's lifelong work and services, etc.

Challenge coins are usually round in shape and range in diameter from 1.75 inches to 2 inches. Apart from the round shape, they can be in any form, depending on the purpose. They are made of different metals depending on the nature of the officer's success and rank. However, whether the challenge coins are of any design or shape, their taking, and giving, exchanging, or collecting depends on their purpose. Some of the purposes and reasons for using challenge coins include awarding, commemoration, and thanksgiving. Challenge coins are a source of pride and encouragement for men and women in blue and their supporters.

Challenge Coins for Awarding Purposes

There are many types of purposes of awarding for law enforcement officers, such as awards for success. The reward for duties performed with integrity and honesty. Giving award for the success of a mission, for best performance, and giving awards by celebrating progress and awarding in recognition of lifetime services on retirement. Officers receive these challenge coins as awards not only from higher authorities but also from their supporters.

 Challenge Coins for Commemorative Purposes

Commemorative challenge coins justify the achievements and make deeds immortal. When it comes to remembering a person, accomplishment, event, or act, there is nothing better than challenge coins for that purpose. Law enforcement agencies give commemorative coins to their officers for services and decorate unique commemorative coins in their own offices. Commemorative challenge Coins shows era-based accomplishments and history. For commemoration, there is no substitute for commemorative challenge coins.

Challenge Coins for Thanksgiving Purposes

When military or law enforcement officers discharge their responsibilities in the country's best interest and the public good, they deserve thanks and praise. To thank these peacemaking officers, they are awarded challenge coins bearing their name, badge number, rank, status, or achievement. This is a very gratifying and refreshing way to give thanks. It fills the officers in blue with a new passion and motivation. This gratitude is received by the officers from the top officials and public supporters.

Challenge Coins for Collecting Purpose

Collecting and displaying challenge coins attributed to the officers' achievements in blue is a great hobby of the officers themselves and their supporters. Challenge coins to be collected give the address of different times. Collecting challenge coins for accumulation is a tradition of keeping the high values of American society alive.

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