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Our embroidered thin blue line flag is made of top-quality material, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Flying the flag symbolizes your love and appreciation for the law enforcement institution. American police officers often face physical attacks every day. Many criminals try to intimidate these brave men and women using various means. Some make hate campaigns or call for the complete end of the organization. So, people who fly the embroidered thin blue line flag remind the police officers of their unwavering support. Most embroidered flags are perfect for flying on poles or hanging at your door. In...

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The American flag police blue line crafted by Police Brand is communication for our honor and love for law enforcement. These gallant men and women serve our nation with honor and prestige; hence, the need to show our appreciation. Relationship between law enforcement and community The police officers need community members’ cooperation and vice versa. This mutual relationship builds and sustains a peaceful society. Again, this union helps police officers to get information and prevent crime escalation in society. As community member put their faith in the cops, the American flag police blue line flag aims to promote this sincere...

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Are you interested in giving your officer friend something he’ll love? Flags might be the answer. Both junior and superior officers feel honored whenever they sight the thin blue line flags. One can place the flags on a desk, hang on a wall, or even mount it on a vehicle. The thin blue line flag's message is extraordinary, making it an excellent gift option. The thin blue line flag represents the country’s police organization. Many fly the flag to express their respect and support for our boys and girls in blue. Remember, these officers endanger their lives to prevent lawlessness...

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If you’re still looking for the meaning of the thin blue line, you’re not far from the truth. First, the blue stands for the police officers’ main uniform. So, the line only describes the blue stripe found on the police flag. But how and where did the blue line start? The blue line concept came into existence in the British Army under the 93rd Highland Regiment. It was first known as the thin red line to remind the world of soldiers’ unique array while marching towards the Balaclava battlefield. Since Bill Parker’s tenure as the LAPD chief, the thin blue...

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America's independence, sovereignty, stability, and supremacy today, of course, it is all because of those veterans who have faithfully fulfilled their responsibilities. Veterans who have devoted all their lives and all their abilities to ensure and preserve the American way of life certainly deserve honor and praise. Honoring and thanking veterans as responsible citizens are certainly no less honor in itself. Presenting gifts by the governmental authorities and public to veterans in honor and thanks for their services on Veterans Day is a high trend in American society.

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