Product Description

The Police Bulldog Sticker is a part of Police Brand Memorabilia and Collectibles’ Guardian Police Sticker Series. It depicts the Guardian Mindset that a police officer might have in the interest of public protection in extremely dangerous situations. The Police Bulldog Sticker that is a part of this collection aims at purely portraying this mindset in order to pay homage and isn't a depiction of any other interaction between the police force and the public that may take place under varying circumstances.  


There are four variations that the Police Bulldog sticker is available in, to satisfy different utilities.

Fabric Matte Wall Sticker: This sticker is made out of fabric material and is 21.8 inches tall. It has a sophisticated matte finish. This sticker is removable and can be repositioned at any point of usage. As it is most suitable for smooth walls, it is recommended that it be applied onto sheetrock walls. It has been tested to make sure it doesn’t remove the paint from the wall when it is peeled off, however since all painted walls aren’t the same, it cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Vinyl Large Matt Sticker: This sticker is made of vinyl and is 21.8 inches tall. It has a sophisticated matte finish. Despite being removable, this vinyl sticker is extremely sticky and can peel off some of the paint when being removed from a wall.
  • Vinyl Large Glossy Sticker: This sticker is made of vinyl and is 21.8 inches tall. It has an attractive glossy finish. Despite being removable, this vinyl sticker is extremely sticky and can peel off some of the paint when being removed from a wall.
  • Reflective Vehicle Decal: This is a Police Bulldog reflective decal that can be used to style one’s vehicle and also used as a bumper sticker. The sticker is 4.75 inches tall and made out of reflective material.


The Police Bulldog Stickers on close inspection reveals an animated bulldog in the traditional blue police uniform, completed by a hat embellished with the traditional golden star, typical of the respective force. With arms crossed and canines out, the brawny blue figure looks ready to tackle any challenging task and protect and enforce the law. Details such as a pair of handcuffs and baton fitted into the belt make for a very arresting depiction. 

Police Uniform

While police uniforms vary due to the decentralized law enforcement system in the United States, over the years a conventional archetype of uniform has come to represent the overall American police fashion as can be seen in the Police Bulldog sticker/decal. The establishment of visible presence during patrol made possible by the uniform is meant to deter the public from committing crimes/offenses. Furthermore, it also helps in easy identification so they may be called upon by civilians or colleagues when assistance is required. Much like players of a team in similar clothing, the police officers find it convenient to coordinate in crime scenes because of the identifiable factor. 

Police Force


The police force is a well-respected law enforcement body and it is constituted by police officers, who have been represented on the Police Bulldog Stickers/Decals in honor of the tasks they perform to prevent crime and civil disorder. It takes bravery and special tactical skills to perform this job and cannot be done by laymen. 

Guardian Mindset

The Guardian Mindset that the Police Bulldog stickers and decals aim to pay homage to have evolved in the police force over the last several years against mere “warrior policing”. The idea is that police officer are to protect those they are sworn to serve much like a guardian would. It means that officers are defenders, protectors, and keepers of the general public. Such an officer would not only have an understanding of their mission but also a broad knowledge base to help them be alert to their surroundings, empathetic, and ultimately function with a “Guardian Mindset”. 


If the Police Bulldog Sticker is delivered in a cylindrical mailing tube, it’ll exhibit a tendency to roll up upon removal from its package. To permanently straighten it out before application on a surface, it is advised that the sticker be rolled out flat and a heavy object such as a book be placed on it overnight for best results. If a mistake is made during the application, the sticker can be peeled off and gently repositioned. 


  • The fabric stickers are more suitable for placement on walls as they have been tested and do not peel off the paint when removed and repositioned. However, it is advised that unpainted drywalls, freshly painted walls, brick walls, and porous/textured panels be avoided.
  • The fabric sticker and large vinyl sticker is recommended for indoor use only, while the reflective decal can be used on vehicles.
  • Smooth walls, painted drywall, metal, glass and sanded wood are the best types of surfaces for the application of the Police Bulldog sticker/decal.
  • The surface must be cleaned before application so the dirt doesn’t hinder the sticking process and it must be noted that a temperature-controlled environment is better suited to the stickers.
  • If a bubble appears during the application of the sticker, it can be pulled up to press the bubble out slowly and gently, or an unnoticeable hole can also be poked into the bubble to yield the same result.
  • Be careful so the sticker doesn’t stick to itself as straightening it out thereafter can be cumbersome. Help from another person can help avoid such a situation.

Type of Product

Police Brand Memorabilia and Collectibles’ custom Police Bulldog stickers and decals are adhesive semi-durable products that can be used for home decoration, personalizing your vehicle of choice, or an electronic device with a smooth metal surface. The full-color product is eye-catching and appeals to the sense of aesthetics. 

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