Guardian Series-Police Coins

Police Coins in this collection are part of our Guardian Series. These coins pay homage to the Guardian Mindset a law enforcement officer must have while protecting the public from extremely dangerous situations. It is at these times law enforcement officers must embrace their inner Guardian/Protector to protect the people they serve. The police coins displayed in this collection attempt to show this mindset visually, and this mindset alone. It does not represent the mindset an officer has during any other interaction with the public. To see police coins paying homage to these types of interactions, please see our Community Police Coins Collection (Coming Soon).

PBMC is not affiliated with, nor represents, any law enforcement agency or governmental department. The designs, views, and opinions shown/sold/expressed by PBMC are solely those of PBMC. They do not reflect those of any other person, individual officer, law enforcement agency, or governmental department.