Police Brand FAQs

Why do some of your police designs look aggressive?  

The job of any law enforcement officer, in my opinion, is to serve and protect the public. Most officers would agree that serving the public is the most rewarding part of the job because nothing beats getting to help others in need. In these instances, law enforcement gets to build a positive, friendly relationship with the public, which should be the goal of any law enforcement agency.


The other part of the job is the protection side. It is on this side; law enforcement sometimes has to deal with truly dangerous people. I am talking about the people whose intent is to hurt and kill others. It is at these times when every other option fails, law enforcement officers have to put their game face on and deal with the situation; if not, these people will continue to hurt and kill others. It is in these moments; officers have to embrace their defender/guardian mindset and deal with the danger. This is something most officers don't want to do but have to because if not them, then who? Ignored evil does not go away.


That was my thought process while designing these art pieces. I was trying to portray the defender/guardian mindset an officer must have when facing true danger, and part of that mindset is putting their game face on. This results in the officer sometimes having to appear intimidating while protecting others.


Why do you have Gadsden Police Flags?

A symbol or flag can mean different things to different people. The Gadsden flag, to me and many others, represent a way to show you have had enough.


I agree that bad/corrupt police officers should be fired and held criminally/civilly liable if their conduct calls for it. Any Police Officer will tell you no one hates a bad cop more than a good cop. The problem is all officers are being labeled bad based on the actions of a very few. This has led to many good officers, and sometimes their families, being demonized, harassed, and more. It seems now it is a weekly occurrence an officer has been killed in the line of duty, and it's being justified as that is what they signed up for. No one in any profession signs up to die. They signed up to make a difference, not to be murdered.


So I see the Gadsden Police Flag as a way of saying Enough is Enough with the war on police. Yes, punish those bad officers, but accept the fact that most officers are not bad. Stop saying it is OK for an officer to be murdered. Stop the harassment of police officers and their families. Stop demonizing them in the media. Stop refusing to serve them at restaurants. Instead, remember, they are members of your community and are just like you, the only difference is they wear a uniform.


Is Police Brand Memorabilia and Collectibles affiliated with any law enforcement agencies?

No. Any similarities to a law enforcement agency or government department are meant as a parody and should be treated as such.  Police Brand Memorabilia and Collectibles (PBMC) is not affiliated with, nor represents, any law enforcement agency or governmental department. The designs, views, and opinions shown/sold/expressed by PBMC are solely those of PBMC and do not reflect those of any other person, individual officer, law enforcement agency, or governmental department.