Improving COVID-19 first responder’s morale using customized challenge coins

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt almost the entire world’s population, with most people losing jobs and others working from home. Businesses are experiencing slow traffic, while others are entirely shut. While most of the world's population is staying at home due to the current status of the pandemic, there are other professionals such as healthcare workers are staying awake and working almost 24/7 in the fight against the coronavirus. It is easy to forget their efforts because everyone is struggling to make ends meet during these hard economic times. 


In the previous years, challenge coins have been designed to recognize and celebrate volunteers and first responder’s efforts during pandemics such as earthquakes and hurricanes. One may be surprised at how Pandemic-related challenge coins can boost morale. Still, they play a significant role in adding levity to a situation that would have been otherwise miserable. The case is so because awarding those challenge coins to first responders recognizes the accomplishment and sacrifices they made to save lives during the pandemic. Furthermore, they are vital in cultivating teamwork because they remind everyone that they are together in this crisis.


During the current COVID-19 crisis, first responders have experienced multiple heart-breaking encounters, such as people, including their co-workers passing away while under their care, among others. Such experiences can lower their morale and lead to burnout, while others may start hating their careers. Once they give up on their careers, it can be hard to fight the pandemic because the most crucial responders lack the morale to work. The one way to show support to the first responders is by awarding them customized challenge coins as it shows that their efforts are highly valued.


First responders of COVID-19 are working beyond the regular working hours while putting their lives in danger of contracting the disease. That being the case, it is essential to recognize their efforts and to award them with challenge coins is an excellent way of expressing gratitude and honoring their efforts. In doing so, it gives them the energy and morale to keep working hard during the pandemic. The case is so because they feel that their efforts are valued, and therefore, it gives them a reason to go to work daily. The COVID-19 first responders deserve the challenge coins because they are putting selfless efforts in the fight against the global pandemic.


Multiple departments are involved in addressing a pandemic like COVID-19, and it requires various teams to coordinate and cooperate for it to be resolved entirely. Whenever various groups are involved in an epidemic, they must be working with the same efforts; otherwise, the entire team might be finding it challenging to address the pandemic. The case is so because when the first responder from one department experiences a burnout, the overall results are significantly affected. Awarding the entire team of first responders motivates them as it units them under a common goal, which is vital in fighting the pandemic.


In conclusion, Coronavirus pandemic has affected almost everyone’s life. However, the first responders are spending uncountable hours at work to ensure that the global community is safe. It is worth recognizing their efforts by awarding them with branded challenge coins to motivate them to stay strong in the fight against the pandemic.