Perfecting Challenge Coin Pictures Using Offset Printing

A large population has, at one point in life, imagined their picture embedded in the country's currency. Such a fantasy has been made a reality, thanks to the discovery of offset printing. As the uses of challenge coins, the demand for new designs increased. Some challenge coin designs are required to capture a specific person or occasion, which makes it hard to emboss such a design into the metal. As a result, offset printing has grown as the solution to such complications. The case is so because images are printed directly onto the surface of the challenge coin.

Pictures embedded onto the challenge coin’s surface adds its value while improving its design. For instance, using images of specific individuals or group photos in the challenge coin improves their attachment to the collectible. Furthermore, it makes the challenge coin more memorable while boosting their morale and engagement. Anniversaries, birthdays, and memorials, among others, are some of the events that require photographic images embedded in them. Offset printing makes it possible to print such pictures without interfering with the challenge coin material. Therefore, it is easier to maintain the desired challenge coin shape. The case is so because the printing is done on the challenge coin surface.

Offset printing perfectly captures the details intended to be captured in the coin. Since the images are printed, any design can be incorporated. Together with the numerous color variances that can be incorporated, it gives the challenge coin a perfect taste. Another benefit of offset printing is that the challenge coin can be one-sided or two-sided. For single-sided coin, the image is displayed on one side, while the other side is designed using the standard metal finish. On the other hand, double-sided coins are created with either similar images on both sides or different pictures on each side. 

Offset printing enables the glossy finishing of the custom challenge coin. Shiny pictures are more appealing to the recipient. Offset printing enables the creation of shimmering images by integrating the epoxy dome approach. It involves applying liquid epoxy on the final coin. Application of the liquid epoxy does not only produce a glossy and attractive custom challenge coin finish but also hardens it. The case is so because it adds a layer of protection of the coin image that prevents it from damage.

Offset printing enhances the creation of a unique coin. Since the image is printed directly on the surfaces of the coin, colors that reflect the actual image can be integrated. As a result, the challenge coin is designed to reflect the real experience it is supposed to reflect. For instance, if it is a birth announcement challenge coin, it will contain an image of that particular baby rather than a general image of a baby. Therefore, offset printing enhances the user experience with the challenge coin because a personalized picture strengthens the user attachment to the gift.

In conclusion, offset printing is enables creation challenge coins that perfectly capture the ‘moment’ they are designed to. Be it a birthday, group event, commemorative event, or any other event, offset printing enables you to get a captivating image that captures what you intend to be captured in the coin. Do you have an interest in challenge coins? If yes, check or buy the latest versions available in the market, click here.