The Importance of Using Logos and Icons on Challenge Coins

In recent times, the use of challenge coins has significantly diversified. Organizations and renowned personalities are using them for different purposes such as promoting their brand name, employee recognition, and as awards, among other purposes. That being the case, the designing of the custom challenge coin must capture the most important aspects of the context they are made to express. The case is so because if well-designed, they deliver the message they are designed to and the recipient develops a stronger attachment towards the challenge coin. As a result, it sufficiently achieves its purpose.

Logos and icons are unique images designed to represent a specific company or personality, and they are unique to that particular person or company. As the long-standing saying goes, ‘a single picture is worth a thousand words,’ logos, icons, and imagery placed on challenge coins can greatly influence the delivery of the message. The case is so because it gives the recipient the first impression of the challenge coin’s purpose.

Logos and icons embedded in a challenge coin grabs the recipient’s attention, while giving a long-lasting memory of the coin. The case is so because a simple picture can be easily recalled compared to a text message. There if it is a company’s logo, the recipient can easily recall the brand name, which is crucial in creating and retaining company’s brand awareness. For celebrities such as presidential candidates, they can incorporate their picture on the coin together with their campaign agendas. In doing so, they can communicate deep message without saying a single word.

Another importance of logos and icons on challenge coins is that they allow one to send a message using a few words. Since the coin size is limited, and it is supposed to communicate as much information as possible, logos and icons can excellently portray the message. By placing the company’s logo or icon on the coin, the rest of the information can be communicated using eye-catching phrases and short mottos, instead of using full statements such as vision and mission statements. For instance, one can use words such as honor, professionalism, excellence, and integrity to give the coin a precise meaning without interfering with the fluency of its graphical design.

 Taking the advantage of logos and icons results in creation of a creative and clean challenge coin. In the modern world creativity is highly embraced and therefore, it give the company, unit, or organization a direct exposure. Furthermore, it helps the company align with the modern era. Besides, it results in an interesting challenge coin because it is less wordy and more visual. As a result, when thinking about creating a custom challenge coin, then you should keep in mind the importance its visual representation, rather than its textual information.

In conclusion, logos and icons are vital when creating challenge coins. That being the case, organizations or personalities should consider including them in their challenge coin designs. Check out the latest challenge coin and collectible designs available in our store by clicking here.