Honorbound Protect and Serve Police Coin

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This coin is part of our Serve and Protect collections.  It displays the words "Serve and Protect" and "Honorbound".  It is meant to display the honor police officer feel when serving and protecting their community.

It features a Spartan Style Helmet, Police Hat, and Trooper Hat.  The background is the Thin Blue Line Flag, and a pair of handcuffs is hanging off of two police batons.

It is 3 inches tall and 4MM thick at the center. One side is a 3D engraving and the other side is a color image coated with a soft epoxy. The soft epoxy is scratch resistant and more resilient than a hard epoxy coating.

This Honorbound Coin is HUGE and it will stand out in any collection, due to being almost twice as tall as most other challenge coins.  You will not believe how big this coin is!  

This coin comes with a PVC Pouch.  The stand is not included with this product.


Make sure you view the video of the coin.  It does a good job of truly displaying how it looks.