Idaho State Police

The Idaho State Police is the main law enforcement agency of the state of Idaho, USA. It was formed in the year 1919, where it was initially established as the Bureau of Constabulary. It was initially formed to launch an investigation to detect criminal activities and also uphold the maintenance of safety protocols when traffic laws are concerned. Upon its formation under the Department of Law and Order, this agency has many other police activities like ordering the abatement of nuisances of public importance and making sure that such orders are carried out as per approval by the court of Idaho. 

The Idaho State Police also has the power to prevent and stop any form of riots from taking place. The agency also has a special division set up to combat harassment and abuse done to children and women. The agency also has a special wing formed to protect stray animals and wild animals from abuse, poaching activities, and death due to industrialisation. Many endangered species of animals are found in the mountainous regions of Idaho, which are all under the protection of the government of the United States, in which the Idaho State Police provide support, intelligence, and assistance whenever required. You can also show your love to these animals and spread awareness about their safety by using the K9 Unit Stickers on your car, and the K9 Unit Challenge Coin.

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Geographically, the Idaho State Police is divided into six different districts, with each district having its own police branch of the Idaho State Police. The central headquarters of the Idaho State Police is located at Meridian, Idaho. The main district offices of districts 1-3 are located in the cities of Coeur d’Alene, Lewiston, and Meridian respectively. The other district offices consisting of Districts 1-6 are located at Jerome, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls respectively. All these offices have the responsibility to maintain peace, along with law and order. You can also help them do the same by wearing the Back the Blue - Peace Love Shirt. All of these district offices have their own captains and separate commanding staffs and officers, which are all managed separately and overseen by a mayor of Idaho. 

Each district office is further divided into two different police divisions - the patrol division and the investigations department. The patrol division consists of state troopers wearing the uniform of the Idaho State Police, whose primary objective is to make sure that the security and police laws of Idaho are upheld and justice is served. One can mostly find the patrol police officers out on patrol in their motor vehicles while they are on duty. The Investigation division of the Idaho State police, on the other hand, are detectives who wear plain civilian clothes instead of the uniforms of the Idaho State Police. Primarily, the detectives of the Idaho State Police oversee investigations on the manufacture and sale of illegal drugs and also try solving homicide cases and robberies. You can also support and empower the detectives by wearing the Back the Blue - Thin Blue Line Ring.