Illinois State Police

The Illinois State Police (ISP) was formed in 1922. It serves as the primary law enforcement agency of the state of Illinois, USA. The police force of the ISP currently has more than 3000 people active at all times, with their jurisdiction ranging all over the state of Illinois, covering more than 21 districts. The main motto of the ISP is Integrity, Service, and Pride. Therefore, showing the Police Brand Memorabilia and Collectibles’ Honorbound Protect and Serve Police Coin will make the police feel proud of their task and see your support for their welfare also. 

The ISP has a very unique and distinguishable police uniform. One can easily spot a trooper of the ISP by their light khaki colored shirts, along with dark green pants that spot a black trim at the sides. The police also wear a dark brown campaign hat, which looks great with the uniform that they wear. They are also supported by their well-trained police dogs. You can pay tribute to our canine guardians using the K9 Unit Stickers and the K9 Unit Challenge Coin.

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One of the main facilities that the ISP makes great use of is the famous Illinois State Police Academy, which was established in 1968. Located in the district of Springfield, the training for the new police recruits and cadets previously used to take place on the Illinois State Fairgrounds.  The headquarters of the ISP is located at 801 South Seventh Street, Springfield, Illinois. As of 2017, the ISP has more than 1600 active police troopers, who are all supported by more than 1500 civilians. The Honorbound Protect and Serve Police Coin is the perfect way to show support for the ISP and all their hard work and dedication. 

The ISP maintains a much required separate sex offender registry, which is something that is not taken up by other State Police law enforcement agencies. The ISP is known for its great traffic law and regulations enforcement policies. The police force uses various forms of speed limit enforcement techniques, especially on highways and freeways, where one can see people frequently breaking speed limits and driving rashly. From 1986 onwards, the ISP has also actively patrolled the Chicago expressways. In 2006, a Motorcycle Enforcement Bureau (MEB) was also formed to enforce stricter regulations to prevent motorcycle accidents and incidents. 

The ISP also utilizes the Illinois State Police Merit Board. This system has been great in promoting deserving police officers who have performed exceptionally well on active police duty. Merit points are awarded to police officers for their great acts of courage and security. This Illinois State Police Merit Board consists of five civilians as appointed by the Governor of Illinois, on the advice of the state senate. Each of these five members of the board serves for a term of six years. A limit has been placed to ensure that most members of the board are from different political parties, with no more than 3 members from a single party. You can also wear the Back the Blue Thin Blue Line Bracelet to show support for the state troopers.