Tips to Get a Quality Challenge Coin Within a Short Time

In recent times, urgency in situations has increased because we need to exploit opportunities as early as possible before others do so. As one of the famous sayings goes, 'the earliest bird catches the fattest worm,’ sometimes you might have a limited time to get your challenge coins. This may be due to unplanned events, which may be an excellent opportunity to award participants or perhaps any other reason that may require urgency. That being the case, the standard 14 days might not be a solution in such cases. Here is how you can get quality challenge coins if you have a limited timeframe to get things done.

Simplifying and speeding up the challenge coin production process

If the main objective is to acquire a great-looking and high-quality custom challenge coin within a short time, it is crucial to know the dos and the don’ts in the process.  When you want to get your challenge coin in a shorter period than the usual number of days, there are several sacrifices you will have to make to ensure everything gets done within the desired timeline. One approach to shorten the production process is removing the aspect of using colors when ordering your design. Embedding colors can be time-consuming because they must be designed in a way that matches the desired appearance. However, you should note that eliminating the utilization of colors in challenge coins implies that their finish is a complete metal plating that you select.

 Reasons why you should consider eliminating the utilization of colors

Metal coins tend to popular because of their ease of creation. However, due to their popularity, they might look uninteresting and conservative because people prefer color and modern collectibles. However, there are several reasons why people prefer metal plating challenge coins over colored-coded ones. Some of the reasons include:

  • Challenge coins without the colors open a door for options such as antique plating. There are many antique plating available in the market, which allows you to select from. Besides, with the antique option, the graphics and texts make your challenge coin to stand out from the rest.
  • Metal plating challenge coins are less costly than the normal color-coded ones. The case is so because each additional color comes at a cost. Therefore, if your budget is limited, you should consider going for a faster approach to making challenge coins: metal plating.
  • Challenge coins designed in using the non-color approach have a traditional and classic look. The case is so because they have been in use for years.
  • Since it takes less production time, you will get your challenge coin faster.

In conclusion, you should consider eliminating the utilization of colors, especially when you have a limited time to get the challenge coin. Now that you know the secret, you should consider avoiding color-coded coins next time you have a limited budget and time to create your custom product. Are you interested in challenge coin products? If yes, click here to get yourself a perfect product from our store.