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The importance of K9 challenge coins is unparalleled. K9 Challenge Coins are used to honor and commend brave officers in blue of k9 units. Officers of the K9 unit love to receive K9 challenge coins as honors and accolades. Besides, the K9 unit supporters also like to exchange and collect these unique Dog Image K9 Challenge coins. In some of the K9 challenge coins, only the face of the police dog is prominent, and in some of the K9 challenge coins, the whole body image of the police dog is engraved. 

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The US boasts some of the best police officers in the world. These men and women all over the country endanger their lives to keep us and our properties safe. Don’t you think they deserve our support and appreciation? Of course, gifts are one of the best ways to encourage our officers in blue. If you’re looking for a nice gift that your police officer would love and use every day, you’re in the right place. Whether you want challenge coins, bracelets, stickers, or gaiters, we got you covered. Thin Blue Line Word Flag Are you searching for police officer...

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To be a real military challenge coin collector, it takes more than having just passion for these coins. Good budget, knowledge of different type of challenge coins, space in the house to display the coins and where to get the best military coins are just a few steps to start this hobby.

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