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The thin blue line concept can be traced to the early 20th Century, where the US soldiers started using the blue uniform. Sighting from a distance, one could easily have noticed that the soldiers formed a thin blue line when standing together. Thus, birthing the thin blue line that we know today.   In the 1950s, the law enforcement officers adopted the blue line to represent their dedication and courage to fight against evil. Again, the thin blue line stands for everything officers go through to protect the American citizens. Displaying the thin blue line flags anywhere is a way to...

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Do you want to show your passion for law enforcement? Our distressed thin blue line flag is perfect. The flag symbolizes respect and pride for the cops who risk their lives to ensure public safety. Remember, the police stand as a force against chaos and disorder in our community. Thus, these flags show the need for the cops to build trust bridges by engaging with society. Meanwhile, the police are also part of the community and face the same security issues. Besides showing our support, a distressed flag helps us to make our thoughts louder in the face of troubles...

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