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All over the world, police officers retire daily, and they deserve to be celebrated. Showing appreciation for a retiree is ideal, especially for police officers. And that is because of the risk they undertake to keep us safe. Moreover, serving the country healthily and safely till retirement is a thing of joy. Therefore, we have unique retired police officer gifts for you to buy. For example, we have different flags, gaiters, stickers, bracelets, challenge coins, and more. Back the blue warrior of peace challenge coin This model is a special challenge coin that is rare to find. One side of the coin...

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Formed in 1850, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), better known as the County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is an office made specifically for the Sheriff’s of Los Angeles, California. This department is said to be the largest sheriff’s department in the United States, with it having a strength of approximately 18,000 employees in active duty. Their motto is “A tradition of service”, which can be reflected by using the Police Brand Memorabilia and Collectibles’ Honorbound Protect and Serve Police Coin. The executives of the agencies are formed by a team of officers, which currently comprises of Sheriff...

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