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Are you interested in giving your officer friend something he’ll love? Flags might be the answer. Both junior and superior officers feel honored whenever they sight the thin blue line flags. One can place the flags on a desk, hang on a wall, or even mount it on a vehicle. The thin blue line flag's message is extraordinary, making it an excellent gift option. The thin blue line flag represents the country’s police organization. Many fly the flag to express their respect and support for our boys and girls in blue. Remember, these officers endanger their lives to prevent lawlessness...

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Apart from flying or waving the flag in the air, people as well as countries use flags for diverse reasons. A country or organization spends huge time and resources to design a flag to suit how they want to be portrayed by others. Flags can remind us about the country’s history. For instance, the American flag with white and red stripes represents the first colonies. You’ll often notice this historical pattern in many flags out there. You can also see a portion of the Union Jack in the Australian flag. Many world countries raise their flags to celebrate independence and...

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The thin blue line concept can be traced to the early 20th Century, where the US soldiers started using the blue uniform. Sighting from a distance, one could easily have noticed that the soldiers formed a thin blue line when standing together. Thus, birthing the thin blue line that we know today.   In the 1950s, the law enforcement officers adopted the blue line to represent their dedication and courage to fight against evil. Again, the thin blue line stands for everything officers go through to protect the American citizens. Displaying the thin blue line flags anywhere is a way to...

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