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With the increasing protests against police brutality all over the world, celebrating those retired officers who spent their years of service protecting the people has become even more important. A befitting gift like the Honorbound Protect and Serve Police Coin is one great way to celebrate these heroes. More than Just a Coin The Honorbound coin is more than just a police coin. It is a reminder of what the police force was created to be ─ a force dedicated to serving and protecting the people. This coin is also more than just a gift; it is a reminder of...

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This type of coin can be caught and stuck to the North Star to attract the bear to the surface. The game is very popular because of the souvenir on the picture, and the one who catches the bear in his hand can win the other player a large amount of money! Choose one: the Bronze or the Antique Silver The Missouri sheriff coin appears to have come in multiple varieties: the first one being the Bronze as well as the Antique Silver. It seems to be 2.5 ft. high but also 4MM in thickness. It's going to come in...

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Thin Blue Line bracelets are already among the favorite memorabilia you can obtain from the law enforcement. The history that backs it up and all the times it has been held by police officers during challenging times, allow you to ignite instant pride when wearing it. And, adding the thin blue line in something as easy and practical to carry out as a bracelet is great way to show support at all times. This time, the bracelets added inspiring phrases and words that make them even more valuable. The blue line The history of the legendary thin blue line is...

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Have you ever strived to show your love for your country? Ever felt like showing your patriotism through actions?  Ever been confused about what to give your father, who is a policeman or a first responder or a law enforcement agent? Or aiming to give a unique item to your friends for Independence Day? Unique products Sticker  At PBMC, we offer a wide range of stickers such as Enough Is Enough, Don’t Tread on Me, MO State Trooper Bulldog, Round thin blue line world flag, and many more. Our wide range of stickers aims to showcase your true patriotism through words,...

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  You might have been seeing these flags with the blue line running in the middle and wondering what it means, right. Well…let’s dive into this aspect to get your questions answered. The Thin Blue Line: Meaning and Symbolism The thin blue line is a term that depicts the police as the line which keeps the society away from criminal elements. It is used to represent the police as the protectors of the masses. Each stripe on the flag has a distinctive representation with the blue center representing the law enforcement, the upper part representing the masses while the bottom...

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