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The thin blue line concept can be traced to the early 20th Century, where the US soldiers started using the blue uniform. Sighting from a distance, one could easily have noticed that the soldiers formed a thin blue line when standing together. Thus, birthing the thin blue line that we know today.   In the 1950s, the law enforcement officers adopted the blue line to represent their dedication and courage to fight against evil. Again, the thin blue line stands for everything officers go through to protect the American citizens. Displaying the thin blue line flags anywhere is a way to...

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Men and women in blue embrace the thin blue line by showing courage and determination in their duties. The thin blue line shows the role of law enforcement officers in distinguishing good from evil. These officers face challenges in the course of duty, and they’re not intimidated. They draw a thin blue line that lights America’s history to date. With it, America is known to be a great and civilized nation. We need to encourage, support, and appreciate our law enforcement officers. And by the way, Americans admire and respect officers of the law. Many people who support law enforcement...

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Have you ever considered our society’s situation if there were no law enforcement officers? Of course, the first thing in your mind would be chaos or anarchy. Our police officers stake their lives to fight crime, maintaining peace. They are highly proactive when signaled, performing their duty with courage and faith. Most interestingly, our officers are prepared to pass the hard test, meaning they never run away from serving the nation. The blue line shines the light of America’s destiny, depicting the country as the world’s police. Thus, our officers on blue help to keep the American dream alive through...

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You may be wondering what ‘The Blue Thin Line’ means. Simply put, blue stands for the police, specifically the dominant color in their uniform. Thin Line is merely a physical description of the blue stripe running across the police flag. The term originated from the 93rd Highland Regiment on Foot of the British Army. Soldiers in that regiment that fought in the 1854 battle of Balaclava matched in a formation called the Thin Red Line. The term The Blue Thin Line was popularized in the united states by Bill Parker in the 1950s, the then LAPD chief. Other police departments...

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American society admires and respects its law enforcement heroes on many occasions. Supporters of law enforcement officers thank their officers at every opportunity and express their support in a very compelling manner. The best way to express your support to the officers in blue is to present a gift. You can easily select the item of your choice from these thin blue line accessories to give to the new police officer. On the occasion of graduation/passing out parade, you can give any item of the thin blue line accessories to new police officers.

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