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Apart from flying or waving the flag in the air, people as well as countries use flags for diverse reasons. A country or organization spends huge time and resources to design a flag to suit how they want to be portrayed by others. Flags can remind us about the country’s history. For instance, the American flag with white and red stripes represents the first colonies. You’ll often notice this historical pattern in many flags out there. You can also see a portion of the Union Jack in the Australian flag. Many world countries raise their flags to celebrate independence and...

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Supporting officers in blue has become more critical than ever. We should fully support our brave law enforcement officers at every level. And thanking them for their selfless services has also become more important than ever. Bring gifts of thin blue accessories for officers in blue as a token of your support and gratitude. It will also be a very positive experience for the blue officer and yourself.

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We always want to express our hearts to our men and women in blue to encourage them to do more. Sometimes, it could be during retirement, passing out parade, a unique achievement, graduation, etc. Have you ever wondered what the wooden thin blue line flag means to our dear police officers? If not, we'll discuss how you can encourage our law enforcement agents with this special gift.  Thin Blue Line Concept A wooden thin blue line flag gift is a significant way to appreciate both serving and retired police officers. To a retired police officer, the flag is a way...

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You may be wondering what ‘The Blue Thin Line’ means. Simply put, blue stands for the police, specifically the dominant color in their uniform. Thin Line is merely a physical description of the blue stripe running across the police flag. The term originated from the 93rd Highland Regiment on Foot of the British Army. Soldiers in that regiment that fought in the 1854 battle of Balaclava matched in a formation called the Thin Red Line. The term The Blue Thin Line was popularized in the united states by Bill Parker in the 1950s, the then LAPD chief. Other police departments...

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All over the world, police officers retire daily, and they deserve to be celebrated. Showing appreciation for a retiree is ideal, especially for police officers. And that is because of the risk they undertake to keep us safe. Moreover, serving the country healthily and safely till retirement is a thing of joy. Therefore, we have unique retired police officer gifts for you to buy. For example, we have different flags, gaiters, stickers, bracelets, challenge coins, and more. Back the blue warrior of peace challenge coin This model is a special challenge coin that is rare to find. One side of the coin...

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